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Our Standard Weekly Maintenance Service

Complete check for chemical levels – Chlorine, pH, phosphates, alkalinity, and salt levels

Check for water levels

Pool brushing and netting

Vacuuming of debris

Clean and replace filters

Special Saturday Services

System Repairs

“Green to Clean”

and more

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FAQs of Pool Service

How often do you vacuum?

Typically once a month in a caged pool.  Usually more frequently in an uncaged pool.

How often do you clean the filter?

Every four weeks, depending on weather.

What certifications does Ocean Melody Pool Service have?

Certified Pool Operator and Florida Public Pool Specialist 

Will my pool be scheduled to be cleaned regularly?

While we strive to maintain regular pool service days, there may be occasions where we need to temporarily or permanently alter the service day.

What is included in my weekly pool service?

Water testing; adding chemicals for balancing and sanitation; brushing water-line tiles, walls, and steps; cleaning skimmer baskets; netting; vacuuming; and filter cleaning.

Does Ocean Melody Pool Service offer house-checking services when we’re out-of-town?

Since we have earned the trust of our customers, oftentimes we do perform this service for them.

Do you clean or repair spas?

We clean spas and subcontract out the repairs to trusted professionals.

Do you clean above-ground pools?

Yes, we do.

Will we get to meet Vicky the Pool Dog?

Vicky keeps busy safeguarding our home while we’re busy out working for you. 

Is your wife’s name Melody?

My wife and business partner’s name is Melissa.  Ocean Melody represents our love of music and our second profession as musicians. 

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